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How to Streamline Purchased Services Analytics

By Chet Wilson May 22, 2015
Many times, data analysts and contract negotiators find themselves neck deep in..
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Cost Reduction through Partnering with Med-Mal Insurance Providers

By Matt Clark May 15, 2015
Medical malpractice is a phrase that makes doctors across the nation blanch...
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3 Ways to Better Manage Your Purchased Services Spend

By Chris Heckler May 1, 2015
If you don’t know where you are, you’ll have a hard time getting where you need..
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Advanced Contracting Tip: Taking Advantage of Market Conditions

By Chris Heckler April 17, 2015
Let's face it. There are some companies that intimidate us when it's time to..
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Hospital CIOs: Is Now the Time to Start Saving?

By Matt Clark February 17, 2015
The hospital CIO is in the middle of the perfect storm. Regulatory forces such..
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5 Steps to Developing a Stellar Purchased Services Program

By Chris Heckler February 13, 2015
Are you taking advantage of potential savings opportunities in your purchased..
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