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The Vision for Valify: Building the Best for Purchased Services in Healthcare

By Chris Heckler April 9, 2017
Healthcare purchased services have come a long way in the three years since we..
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Solve the top 3 purchased services spending challenges with timely data and analytics

By Valify Team March 20, 2017
One of the biggest difficulties healthcare purchased services professionals..
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Benchmark your way to greater insights and savings in purchased services

By Matt Clark December 8, 2016
Visualizing purchased services spending is essential for controlling costs at..
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Does Your Value Analysis Team Focus on Purchased Services?

By Danny Claus June 22, 2016
Over the last 10-15 years, Value Analysis teams have successfully implemented..
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4 Ways to Improve Spend Management Outside of GPOs

By Chris Heckler May 29, 2015
In the healthcare world, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have established..
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Techniques to Generate Revenue: Monetizing the Eyeballs in Your Hospital

By Chris Heckler May 26, 2015
Most of the topics I have written about on this blog have been about how to..
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