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Behavioral Health: What are you doing for your patients and employees?

By Valify Team July 5, 2018
Being Proactive about Behavioral Health Based on our clients’ major..
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How Do You Distinguish a Vendor from a Partner?

By Valify Team November 29, 2017
Finding a Partner, Not Just a Vendor Aligning a vendor with your organization..
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A Closer Look at Savings in Hospital Waste Management

By Chris Heckler May 5, 2015
Hospital waste management is a system more complex than it first seems,..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 4): Document Shredding

By Chris Heckler April 1, 2015
Every hospital is most likely already using a shredding vendor at some level,..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 3): Scanning

By Chris Heckler March 6, 2015
Now that most hospitals have implemented an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 2): Document Storage

By Chris Heckler March 3, 2015
Hospitals need to select their storage vendor wisely (notice that I didn't say..
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