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Key Takeaways: Locum Tenens Webinar

By Valify Team June 15, 2018
Key takeaways from recent webinar on Dialysis coming soon! A large percentage..
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Market Analysis: Dialysis

By Valify Team May 31, 2018
Dialysis is a necessary procedure that allows nearly 500,000 patients in the..
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Category Deep Dive Locum Tenens: Are You Realizing Savings in this Purchased Service?

By Valify Team March 2, 2018
  To ensure there’s no disruption to patient care or billable services,..
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Category Snapshot Staffing: A Big Opportunity for Cost-Containment

By Valify Team March 2, 2018
  A report by Kaufman, Hall & Associates revealed that the number of hospital..
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How to Benchmark Your Capital Equipment Service Contract Spend

By Chris Heckler May 12, 2015
Investment in capital equipment is a decision that shouldnt be made lightly,..
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A Closer Look at Savings in Hospital Waste Management

By Chris Heckler May 5, 2015
Hospital waste management is a system more complex than it first seems,..
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