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How Much Are You Getting Out of Your Purchased Services Assessment?

By Chris Heckler January 27, 2015
You paid somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000 for a consultant (or GPO) to..
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How to Reach Your Savings Goal in Purchased Services

By Chris Heckler January 23, 2015
  Since I have the pleasure of meeting with a few different healthcare..
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Slow Hiring in Acute Care Puts Purchased Services in the Spotlight

By Matt Clark January 21, 2015
An article published yesterday by Modern Healthcare forecasts growth in..
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Supply Chain Leaders: 5 Tips to Maximize Savings in Purchased Services

By Chris Heckler January 20, 2015
Most supply chain leaders are being asked to contract for purchased services,..
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How to Prioritize Your Team’s Work Plan in Purchased Services

By Chris Heckler January 13, 2015
Well, it's the beginning of a new year and you are either starting a new fiscal..
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Where is My Purchased Services Data Hiding?

By Chris Heckler January 12, 2015
  With purchased services categories representing up to 45% of your..
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