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Stop Dreading Team Purchasing Decisions

By Valify Team February 10, 2018
I heard a story last week that instantly took me back to my consulting days...
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What’s Ahead for Hospital Purchased Services Cost Reduction Technology in 2018

By Valify Team February 9, 2018
Purchased services represents up to 45% of the non-labor expense budget within..
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4 Methods of Decision Making - Which is Right for You?

By Valify Team January 18, 2018
I recently read the book Crucial Conversations, when I came across a section..
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‘Speed Dating’ Vendors at Healthcare Conferences

By Valify Team January 3, 2018
Conferences are popular ways to connect your healthcare organization’s internal..
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Getting the Most Out of Vendor Interactions at Healthcare Conferences

By Valify Team December 21, 2017
Major healthcare conferences like the upcoming 2018 HIMSS Conference &..
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Top 5 Mistakes Made During Vendor Selection and RFPs

By Valify Team December 13, 2017
The pressure is on. You better make sure your selected vendor is top-notch, has..
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