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Your Hospital Should Regularly Audit Purchased Services Vendors. Here’s Why.

By Valify Team May 8, 2018
If you’re responsible for leading a healthcare system, you already know that..
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Shackled to Spreadsheets: The Growing Costs of Healthcare RFPs

By Valify Team April 6, 2018
Healthcare is notorious for long, crawling purchase cycles, and no process..
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Category Deep Dive Locum Tenens: Are You Realizing Savings in this Purchased Service?

By Valify Team March 2, 2018
  To ensure there’s no disruption to patient care or billable services,..
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Category Snapshot Staffing: A Big Opportunity for Cost-Containment

By Valify Team March 2, 2018
  A report by Kaufman, Hall & Associates revealed that the number of hospital..
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Stop Dreading Team Purchasing Decisions

By Valify Team February 10, 2018
I heard a story last week that instantly took me back to my consulting days...
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What’s Ahead for Hospital Purchased Services Cost Reduction Technology in 2018

By Valify Team February 9, 2018
Purchased services represents up to 45% of the non-labor expense budget within..
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