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Matt Clark

Matt is the Chief Technology Officer at Valify. Matt has spent his career in software development, leading technology teams in building healthcare and data center management applications. Matt has 15 years of technology experience and loves the challenge and excitement of growing early stage companies.
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Benchmark your way to greater insights and savings in purchased services

By Matt Clark December 8, 2016
Visualizing purchased services spending is essential for controlling costs at..
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Cost Reduction through Partnering with Med-Mal Insurance Providers

By Matt Clark May 15, 2015
Medical malpractice is a phrase that makes doctors across the nation blanch...
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Rise in Popularity of Hospital mHealth Calls for Increased Data Security

By Matt Clark March 10, 2015
  Mobile phones, personal tablets, and high tech devices are part of our..
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Hospital CIOs: Is Now the Time to Start Saving?

By Matt Clark February 17, 2015
The hospital CIO is in the middle of the perfect storm. Regulatory forces such..
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Slow Hiring in Acute Care Puts Purchased Services in the Spotlight

By Matt Clark January 21, 2015
An article published yesterday by Modern Healthcare forecasts growth in..
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