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Chris Heckler

Chris Heckler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Valify, a purchased services analytics company. Chris is a purchased services expert with extensive experience working with both national and regional GPOs, as well as, directly with health systems. He has more than 11 years of healthcare contracting experience.
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GPOs and Purchased Services: How to Maximize This Relationship

By Chris Heckler March 17, 2015
Healthcare group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are very good at squeezing..
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Not Using P-Cards and Ghost Cards? You’re Missing Out On Savings

By Chris Heckler March 13, 2015
Procurement cards, also known as purchasing cards or P-cards, and virtual ghost..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 3): Scanning

By Chris Heckler March 6, 2015
Now that most hospitals have implemented an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 2): Document Storage

By Chris Heckler March 3, 2015
Hospitals need to select their storage vendor wisely (notice that I didn't say..
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Why Hospitals Should Worry About Document Management (Part 1)

By Chris Heckler February 27, 2015
Does anybody else remember the big push to go paperless about 10-12 years ago?..
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Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics: Are You Prepared?

By Chris Heckler February 20, 2015
During the fourth quarter of last year, the annual UPS (as in "What can brown..
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