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Chris Heckler

Chris Heckler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Valify, a purchased services analytics company. Chris is a purchased services expert with extensive experience working with both national and regional GPOs, as well as, directly with health systems. He has more than 11 years of healthcare contracting experience.
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The Biggest Myths About Hospital Purchased Services

By Chris Heckler April 7, 2015
You might be surprised to hear that hospital purchased services categories are..
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Reference Labs: Choosing a Primary Vendor

By Chris Heckler April 3, 2015
Do you know how many reference labs your hospital is using? If its a question..
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Hospital Document Management (Part 4): Document Shredding

By Chris Heckler April 1, 2015
Every hospital is most likely already using a shredding vendor at some level,..
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Freight Management: The Easiest Purchased Services Category to Find Savings

By Chris Heckler March 27, 2015
Shipping and receiving are among the fundamental processes of most businesses,..
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Purchased Services: How to Control Rogue Spending

By Chris Heckler March 24, 2015
  You (or your consultant or GPO) have done all the legwork to save money on a..
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Medical Gas Contracting Best Practices

By Chris Heckler March 20, 2015
On the surface, medical gas may be just another commodity for hospital systems...
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