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Valify Recognized by CIO Review as one of the "50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers - 2019"

5 Healthcare Purchased Services & Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

Valify Volunteer Day: Supporting Our Community with Frisco Family Services

Valify Attends 2018 Fall HCP Conference, Raises Funds for Chicago Animal Shelter

Valify Announces the Acquisition of Lucro

Clinical Services: To outsource or To Not Outsource, That Is the Question

Key Takeaways: Locum Tenens Webinar

Market Analysis: Dialysis

Using Purchase Orders to Cut Wasteful Healthcare Spending

Your Hospital Should Regularly Audit Purchased Services Vendors. Here’s Why.

Launching the New Valify Expert Network: A Digital Forum for Exchanging Best Practices to Control Purchased Services Expense

Category Deep Dive                   Locum Tenens: Are You Realizing Savings in this Purchased Service?

Category Snapshot                  Staffing: A Big Opportunity for Cost-Containment

What’s Ahead for Hospital Purchased Services Cost Reduction Technology in 2018

Monitoring Purchased Services Expenses - Part 2: Best Practices and How to Get Started

Monitoring Purchased Services Expenses - Part 1: Understanding the Road Blocks, Red Flags and Pitfalls

3 Simple Ways to Accelerate Your Sourcing Process with Better Results

The Vision for Valify: Building the Best for Purchased Services in Healthcare

Solve the top 3 purchased services spending challenges with timely data and analytics

New Market Share Product Feature: Know more about your vendors than they do

Benchmark your way to greater insights and savings in purchased services

Don’t Lose Your Shirt On Purchased Services

Does Your Value Analysis Team Focus on Purchased Services?

4 Ways to Improve Spend Management Outside of GPOs

Techniques to Generate Revenue: Monetizing the Eyeballs in Your Hospital

How to Streamline Purchased Services Analytics

How Much Are You Paying Your Collection Agency?

Cost Reduction through Partnering with Med-Mal Insurance Providers

How to Benchmark Your Capital Equipment Service Contract Spend

5 Ways Hospitals Increase Their Purchasing Power with GPOs

A Closer Look at Savings in Hospital Waste Management

3 Ways to Better Manage Your Purchased Services Spend

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Hospital's Accounts Receivable

Hospital Document Management Part 5: Document Printing

Advanced Contracting Tip: Taking Advantage of Market Conditions

The Biggest Myths About Hospital Purchased Services

Reference Labs: Choosing a Primary Vendor

Hospital Document Management (Part 4): Document Shredding

Freight Management: The Easiest Purchased Services Category to Find Savings

Purchased Services: How to Control Rogue Spending

Medical Gas Contracting Best Practices

GPOs and Purchased Services: How to Maximize This Relationship

Not Using P-Cards and Ghost Cards? You’re Missing Out On Savings

Rise in Popularity of Hospital mHealth Calls for Increased Data Security

Hospital Document Management (Part 3): Scanning

Hospital Document Management (Part 2): Document Storage

Why Hospitals Should Worry About Document Management (Part 1)

Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics: Are You Prepared?

Hospital CIOs: Is Now the Time to Start Saving?

5 Steps to Developing a Stellar Purchased Services Program

A Look Into Food Services (Part 1)

Why Hospitals Should Appreciate Their Supply Chain Teams

When to Use a National, Regional, or Local Purchased Services Vendor

How Much Are You Getting Out of Your Purchased Services Assessment?

How to Reach Your Savings Goal in Purchased Services

Slow Hiring in Acute Care Puts Purchased Services in the Spotlight

Supply Chain Leaders: 5 Tips to Maximize Savings in Purchased Services

How to Prioritize Your Team’s Work Plan in Purchased Services

Where is My Purchased Services Data Hiding?

Defining Purchased Services

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